A story that sells

Following on from my last post, here’s a story that really does it for me.

One of my friends works at a major department store here in the North West. I asked her what her most memorable customer experience was. She said,

“There was this doctor and his wife who came into the kitchen department I was running. They’d been before but this time they were determined to nail down what kitchen they wanted and to finally purchase it! We spent ages with them, running through all the options, sizes, styles, colours and layouts. Eventually we agreed on the sale and I started filling in the paperwork, at which point the doctor stopped me and said, ‘There’s a little problem. I don’t think you’ll be able to deliver it.’ I asked him why not and he explained they lived in an inaccessible place where delivery vans really struggle to gain access. We did a site visit and he was right! No way we could get there. That’s when our imaginations kicked in. We did end up delivering the kitchen but on barge! The doctor lived by a canal and by hiring a barge, parking it under a bridge and lowering down the kitchen units one-by-one, we managed to give them the kitchen of their dreams!”

No that’s a story that sells! It’s much better than a factual statement. It speaks to people on an emotional level and let’s THEM decide if your customer service is remarkable.

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