A truly purple experience – how to get people talking about you

Picture of a Purple Cow, metaphor for standing out from the crowdReaders of this blog will be familiar with my great respect for marketing guru Seth Godin, and especially his Purple Cow concept – how to be ‘remarkable‘. I came across a terrific example of this last week, a story related to me by a marketing consultant of all people!

He dined at a nice restaurant near Chester, UK and went to pay the bill at the desk. The restaurant owner dealt with the transaction, but then asked a question of my friend, “Do you know what the most important thing is in life?”.

“Err, family, kids…”, replied my friend.

“Marketing!” said the restaurant owner excitedly. “Have you ever read The Purple Cow by Seth Godin? It’s a fantastic read.”

“I’ve heard of it but not read it,” answered the marketing man.

They chatted for a while, pleased to have found a common interest. My friend left his business card, said farewell and set off home.

Two days later, a package arrived at his house. It was a copy of The Purple Cow, courtesy of the restaurant owner! Now that’s how you create positive word of mouth – do things that are create chatter. Go the extra mile so it generates a story worth telling.

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