Adding spark to your presenting skills

Hand GesturesI’ve been tremendously impressed with the contributions made so far by our guest experts at Speakeasy. We regularly invite special guests to our sessions who can add something extra to the concept of speaking/presenting in business.

Neil Firth (voice coach)

Neil has a strong musical/choral background and led the barbershop group at Pecha Kucha Manchester back in December. He now applies some of the principles he’s learned in music to the world of business, helping presenters to breathe properly and use good posture to deliver a great performance. All too often we hear dreary presentations from people with monotone voices, and Neil helps people up their game by varying the pitch and tone of their delivery.

Steve Carter (Noosa Training – NLP Practitioner)

Steve provided some great tips on getting into a good mental state to address an audience. It was fascinating to hear how closely our mental state and physiology are inter-connected. Standing tall and breathing properly can work wonders, when combined with some clever mental preparation.

Darren Gordon (acting coach)

Darren runs a wonderful acting school in Manchester and added something special to our last session. He reminded us that a presentation is a form of theatre, and explained about the relationship between performer and audience. There was some great stuff on audience engagement, vocal delivery, stage positioning and body language.

Martin Robert Hall (speaker/performance coach)

Martin has been doing great work for some years now, taking clients to higher levels by re-framing their beliefs and boosting their self-confidence. Martin is joining us on the next Speakeasy on 9th March and will be covering body language and its impact on an audience.

Ashley Boroda (entertainment agent and stand-up comedy coach)

Ashley’s been a great supporter of Speakeasy since its launch and will ‘guest’ for us on 16th March in Macclesfield. Humour and storytelling form a crucial part of a presenter’s armoury and I’m looking forward to hearing Ashley’s take on this.

Does it all matter?

I would say ‘yes’ wouldn’t I? But the fact remains that those who can persuade and motivate through great communication skills are highly prized assets.

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