Are you wasting your time networking?

What’s been interesting about Speakeasy is the way it makes people reflect on what they say when they network.  Typically that’s in the form of a 30-60 second ‘elevator pitch’, a 5-10 minute spotlight presentation or simply conversations taking place between these formal bits.

These are important opportunities when people form their opinions about you.  You spend a lot of time and money putting yourself into these positions. But the questions to ask yourself are:

  • do people really ‘get’ what I’m about?
  • do they remember?
  • do they care?
  • am I doing my story justice?

These are important questions, given that networking is a time-consuming activity and it needs to produce results.

So I’ve outlined a 4 Step Process for helping you use your story to good effect.  You’ll see it goes far beyond what people normally consider to be important or relevant. It sits at the very heart of everything you do in business and, as a marketing tool, it’s a vital strategy for getting talked about.

1) Getting Started – your basic story
Know your own story (what you do, how you do it, but mostly WHY you do what you do).  Recognise the value you create (Seth Godin describes this as your ‘art’).

2) The art of delivery
Get really good at telling your story (presenting/speaking).  Get some great anecdotes/case studies; develop a story vault.   Learn to weave them into conversations and presentations.

3) Become a story-led business
Establish a story culture within your organisation; capture stories, develop a nose for a good story, use them as a training tool, a means of motivating and engaging employees and a source of material for promoting your brand.

4) Spreading your word
Use social media and networking to propagate your story; use it to build your brand and get other people talking about you.

The result?
You’ll become more distinctive.
You’ll PULL people towards you.



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