Become a guru in your field

learmountDavid Learmount (pictured here) is operations and flight safety editor of Flight International Magazine. He’s an expert in his field, and if there’s a serious aviation incident he’s often trotted out by the press to provide insights into why a plane crashed and what issues might be at play. To my mind, Learmount is a great example to business people who claim to be very good at what they do – whether it be printing, accountancy, cookery or PR. The problem is, it’s no good you knowing you’re an expert in no one else does. It’s a question of perception. Are you KNOWN as THE authority in your field? Are you the David Learmount or the Max Clifford of your niche? Would the TV or the radio call for you when there’s a story about your industry?

Guruism is a fantastic marketing strategy for SME’s in the modern world, and the internet lends itself to the development of a reputation as an expert. Part of the trick is to know what your niche is. Too many try to be all things to all people. Aim to dominate a small niche, and use on-line platforms like LinkedIn and Business Scene to establish your status as someone with authority in your line of work. Back this up with speaking, hosting events and publishing articles. Soon your reputation will grow in your area. You’ll begin to make some ‘noise’ but it’s the type of noise that pulls people in by giving, instead of pushing your sales message out to all and sundry. Like cholesterol, there’s good noise and bad noise!

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