Business Mojo

Mojo is an interesting word meaning inner-confidence and attractiveness. In business it applies to attracting opportunities – more clients, positive profile in the media, more sales, attraction and retention of talent and, ultimately, business growth.

So, how do we develop business mojo?

Putting some ‘mojo’ into a business starts with an analysis of what’s already there – the knowledge within the workforce, the relationships between people, the stories within the organisation. These are your key assets, your true USPs and when they begin to form a coherent narrative you find your true identity as a business.

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You know when you’ve got business mojo when people really ‘get’ what you’re about and see you as a confident, focused operator. You find it easier to attract clients, talent and this makes you effective, efficient and profitable. This is what we mean by ‘finding your business mojo’ – you… find your voice.

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Examples of how we help organisations

What makes you YOU?

In a noisy world it’s essential you define not only what you do but who you are, how you do what you do and why you do it. This is your unique identity – we call it your ‘Big Picture Story’, your strategic story. Through a consultative process we can help you define it.


  • Strengthens your value proposition
  • Provides clarity about your stratgey
  • Attracts more business opportunities – clients, sales, positive media coverage, talent, partnerships and joint ventures, investment.

Telling the Story

Once you’ve defined that Big Picture story you’ve got to get good at telling it. That means leaders, salespeople and managers in particular communicating the story both externally and internally. We help you develop those skills – public speaking & presenting, networking, sales, etc.


  • More leads and sales
  • More referrals (as people share your story)
  • More engaged and motivated workforce.

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Presenting Information

You’ll communicate in ways other than the spoken word. It’s essential your PowerPoint slides, reports, e-mails and marketing literature are effective in getting your message across. We can help you communicate in a more natural, engaging and conversational style in written and visual formats.


  • Success when pitching
  • Increased in sales
  • Engaging, memorable marketing (improved return on investment)
  • Effective training/learning.

Social Media and online content

The way we communicate and make buying decisions has changed dramatically with the advent of social media. We can help you devise and implement a social media policy and create high quality online content in the form of blogs, white papers, video and website copy.


  • Attract and retain people’s attention
  • Build a relationship with your readers/browsers
  • Your story is shared by others (broadcasting your message and extending the reach of your marketing).

Capturing and Sharing Knowledge

Your key asset is your people and what they know. But tapping into that vault of knowledge can be difficult. We have a methodology called Story Forums which helps you capture the ‘gold’ within your organisation and utilise it to maximum effect.


  • Enables internal learning & knowledge sharing
  • Generates material external relations (success stories)
  • Encourages sharing best practice and recognizes achievement (learning & motivation for staff)
  • Stimulates collaboration and innovation
  • Generates more cross-referrals
  • Engages and motivates your staff.

Executive Coaching and Leadership Development

We coach leaders and managers in communication and leadership with focus on specific areas according to needs and preferences e.g. self-awareness, negotiation, facilitation, coaching and mentoring, emotional intelligence, self-confidence and vocal delivery.

Learning and Development Consultancy

We can work with your HR department to create effective learning & development, performance management and induction systems.


  • Learning and development is aligned to strategic business goals
  • Performance is optimized
  • Return on investment in learning/training is measurable and measured
  • Talent is identified, developed and retained.

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