Getting referrals

I’d like to thank my pal Rob Buckley for introducing me to a brightly coloured animal – The Purple Cow to be precise. It’s a book by American marketing guru Seth Godin and it’s essentially about being remarkable (a cow that’s purple would certainly stand out!).

We all want more referrals in business, and it’s a great deal easier to get referrals if you get people talking about you. By and large, people will talk about your business for one of two reasons – firstly, if you gave bad service, second if you did something remarkable. Consider the meaning of that word – worthy of ‘being remarked upon’. Of course, they’ll have a moan about you if you screw up, but you can’t expect people to talk about your business if you’re just good. Loads of people do ‘good’, it’s not worthy of being remarked upon.

But if you do something really special, something beyond all reasonable expectation, you’ll crop up in conversation – for all the right reaons. Trouble is, too many people settle for good.

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