Getting the feeling

As consumers we usually make buying decisions on the basis of how the product or service makes us feel. But it’s curious that as marketeers we often find it difficult to express how what we’re selling makes people feel. Maybe it’s part of our British reserve but we’re not terribly good at talking about emotions.

I often ask clients to think about which emotions might help determine buying decisions for certain products. For example:

A Porsche (pride, status, ego, excitement?)

Insurance (peace of mind, fear of loss?)

Gym membership (health, fear of loss?)

Home alarm system (security, fear of loss, peace of mind?)

Posh meal (status, ego, joy?)

The thing is, if you’re intent on marketing a product successfully you have to get in touch with the emotions that influence potential buyers. A good start is to get in touch with your own emotional side – and think like a consumer!

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