Great presenters – your chance to judge

judgesBBC_468x312Once you start getting interested in how to make great presentations and speak well in public, you’ll begin to see other people’s performances in a new light. In this blog and at our Speakeasy events, we explore what goes into delivering a great presentation. If you’ve followed what we’ve been doing you’ll have read about body language, engaging the audience, storytelling and using great slides.

So let’s say you know quite a bit about this now. Well here’s a challenge for you. I’m inviting you to watch three talks from my favourite speech-website, that’s the TED talks.  I’d like you to choose ONE from the choice of three below for special attention and analyse what you like about it – and if there’s any room for improvement.

I’ll give a bottle of champagne to the best analysis (not based on length, but quality of comment!) and I’ll make the award at a forthcoming Speakeasy event. I’m the sole judge of this by the way – and totally incorruptible!

Send your entry in the form of an e-mail – you should have the address but if not, you can contact me via the Contact Us button on this web-site home page.


Sir Ken Robinson on “How schools kill creativity”

Jamie Oliver on “Teach every child about food”

Carmen Agra Deedy “Spinning Stories”

I’m looking forward to your comments – DEADLINE is 12th March 2010

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