Help Haiti on 1st Feb – Teachathon in Manchester

Haiti victimI don’t know about you but I’ve been shocked and moved by the terrible tragedy in Haiti. We can only imagine what those poor people are going through right now. It’s heartbreaking to see orphans and amputees in makeshift hospitals, even women giving birth in the street – and despite the best efforts of the aid and rescue workers, there are so many people still to receive the most basic form of help.

It won’t be long before the media loses interest in Haiti and moves on to other stories. But the Haitian people will still be left with the legacy of that catastrophic earthquake. Their ordeal continues long after the news crews have departed.

I’d like to do something to help – and I hope you feel the same way too. I’m not a doctor or a construction engineer so my skills wouldn’t be much use in that situation. But I can do something in my home territory so here’s my message…

To the Manchester Business Community…

On Monday 1st February, I’ll be stationed at The Golftorium on Ducie Street, Manchester from 10am til 8pm and I’m offering YOU my skills in return for a donation to the Haitian aid effort. I’m joined in this endeavour by my good friend Mark Marriott, one of the owners of the Golftiorium, and this is the offer:

We’ll divide the day into 15 minute slots.

Both Mark and myself will be available for a FREE GOLF LESSON and FREE USE OF A GOLF SIMULATOR (clubs and balls are provided).

And if you’re not into golf, I’ll wear my other hat as a communications skills coach and help you craft a ONE MINUTE ELEVATOR PITCH for your business (there’s a nice bar and comfy seating).

In return, we’d expect a minimum donation of £10 per session – but MORE WOULD BE FINE!


I’ve just had an offer from my good friend Rob Woollen, a personal fitness trainer. He’ll add to the range of services we offer on the day – FREE MASSAGE, ADVICE ON BACK CARE, LIFESTYLE, ETC

Thanks Rob!

I haven’t sorted out the charity arrangements yet, but I’ll make an announcement in due course. The main thing is to commit to one of more of the 15 minute time slots.

I know the people in my network, and in the North West generally, are tremendously warm-hearted so PLEASE support our ‘Teachathon’ initiative on 1st Feb and start booking these slots.


Just drop me an e-mail with

A) your preferred 15 minute time slot (from 10am to 8pm) and

B) whether you’d like a GOLF LESSON or BUSINESS CONSULT (for your 1 minute pitch) or FITNESS/MASSAGE.

Thank you so much.

(And thanks to Mark and the Golftorium for their generosity in making this possible).

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