How blogging works

An interesting start to the week – my friend Alan Lewis had a celebrity guru comment on his blog.  I don’t know whether I’m thrilled or jealous but one of my great heroes, Seth Godin, spotted a piece Alan put together about an innovative idea called Shopjacket.

It’s a method of reversing the perceived decline of town centres by dressing un-let retail units in thought-provoking ways.  They create a 3-D illusion of what the unit might contain, and work with local councils, landlords and tenants to develop a ‘discreet viewing portal’.

But my reason for mentioning this is to show how blogging works as a means of attracting attention.  The fact that Seth noticed it seems extraordinary and highly unlikely (he’s an internationally renowned author and thought-leader based in the USA), but actually that’s the power of the web and social media.

Alan spotted something worth talking about, and stimulated a discussion, and in that sense he’s using social media in a great way – to lead.  It’s something Seth talks a lot about; it’s one of the means of production that WE now own, instead of those wealthy factory owners!

It also shows the power of curiosity.  We may have a world of information at our fingertips but sometimes we’ve just got to stop and notice stuff and stay a while.

Well done Alan – I salute you!

(and well done for taking your mum to tea)

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