How to be more expressive

Are you an expressive speaker or a bit of an Andy Murray? To put your communication skills to the test, try this:

Strike up a conversation with a friend, but there’s a rule – you have to speak in gobble-de-gook, not normal language! The results are hilarious, but insightful. You find that it’s perfectly possible to convey meaning without using real words. You naturally compensate by using more body movements, facial expressions and vocal dynamics.

There’s a lesson to be learned here in business. Firstly, communication is less to do with what you say than HOW you say it. Second, unless you convey enthusiasm for your product or service it’s unlikely you’ll win a sale. And how do you do that? By the WAY you say it. The important thing is for the words and the STYLE of delivery to be congruent – “we have a great solution to your problem” just won’t sound convincing if you deliver it flat. Successful communication is about the all-round package – words + style of delivery.

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