It’s great to be typecast

I had an interesting conversation with my Speakeasy associate Darren Gordon last week. Darren runs a wonderful acting school in Manchester and we got on to the topic of typecasting. Pictured here is American actor Glenn Morshower, better known as Secret Service agent Aaron Pierce from the TV series 24.

For me, this is an actor who epitomises typecasting – he’s ALWAYS military, secret service, CIA or some other mid-high ranking government official. It seems that whenever the casting director needs a military type (Black Hawk Down, Air Force Once, Transformers) that name Morshower tops the list each time.

Darren tells me his young acting students hate the prospect of being typecast, preferring instead a more varied range of characters to play. But according to Gordon it’s no bad thing, particularly in the early stages of your acting career. It gives you regular work, and provides the platform from which to widen your portfolio.

But to my mind, typecasting is what we should be aiming for in business. Imagine if someone needed an accountant, web designer, photographer or caterer – and your company came top of the list each time? That’s the benefit of being typecast in your field. Narrow your niche, aim to be the ‘go-to’ guy and you’ll never be out of work!

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