Learning from the TV shopping channels

Yesterday I attended a most enjoyable business event organised by Dawn McGruer at Business Consort. Hosted by the Aston Martin showroom in Wilmslow (Cheshire), the event featured a guest speaker – the splendidly named Dexter Moscow.

A regular presenter on the QVC shopping channel, Dexter’s theme was our ability to influence people to do what we want them to. Not surprisingly, he quoted the famous book by Dale Carnegie, ‘How to win friends and influence people‘ and talked about the importance of emotion in the buying process, something we’ve touched upon recently in this blog.

As students of business will know, humans are primarily influenced by the avoidance of pain. Thus, as sellers it’s extremely important that we identify what this pain is and clearly communicate to our audience how we’re going to take it away. You might say we’ve got aspirins and we’re looking for people with headaches! Many of the products that fail to attract investment on Dragon’s Den flounder for this reason – either there’s insufficient pain in the first place, or the owner fails to get the pain-removal message across.

QVC presenters are extremely good at influencing viewers to buy, and expertly communicate how the product will make life better for the customer. But more than that, the presenters understand what emotions to play on in order to stimulate orders. I’d recommend a daily dose of shopping channel TV for those interested in improving their marketing skills – but you might want to lock away your credit card first!

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