Magical line-up for Mojo Live after 5 event

Mojo Live after 5

Tues 27th September 2011 (5.30 – 8pm)

64 Bridge Street (Legal Centre), Manchester M3 3BN 

About 10 months ago, Sara Knowles and I co-founded MojoLife, a mechanism for helping individuals and businesses find their voice and attract opportunities. Mojo Live after 5 is new initiative, showcasing inspirational stories and ideas in a TV chat show format. 

In front of a live audience, special guests will be interviewed each month – a mixture of trainers, authors, entrepreneurs, leaders, influencers or just regular individuals who’ve done some extraordinary things. The aim is to discover what led the guests to do the work they love doing, and what insights they can bring to the business community. 

All our guests share one thing in common – a passion for their work and a strong sense of purpose and fulfillment. MojoLife is all about helping individuals and businesses discover their authentic voice, their purpose and their inner confidence. This is what we mean by the ‘inside-out’ approach and that’s when things start to happen for them. 

This first Live after 5 event will feature two guests from the performing arts world: 

Darren R L Gordon is the Founder of the DNA Acting School in Manchester. Darren (pictured above) has directed over 60 pieces of theatre and a variety of film based productions over the last 15 years, working with over 1500 actors as a tutor and director. 

John Hotowka is a speaker, humorist and magician and is also known as the ‘Laughter Dinner Speaker ®’. He’s one of the rare breed of speakers who can either deliver a powerful message, or simply entertain. 

As well as sharing their personal journeys, both guests will deliver some fascinating insights into communication skills, business performance, career transition and self-leadership. 

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Leadership and influencing
The psychology of success
Building rapport
Body language
Vocal delivery
Dealing with public speaking nerves
Career Transition 

How to book

The cost is just £15.00 + VAT to include finger buffet. To reserve a place, click here or email

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