Make your marketing personal

I visited the North West Business Show recently at Manchester Central (still known to most as G-Mex) and received a follow-up email today from one of the stands I visited. I won’t say which company it was, but I’d had some previous correspondence with them – they’d expressed interest in the work I did and were considering possible collaboration. They’d even asked me to send a copy of my 7 Pillars of Success book to their HQ.

When I saw their stand I approached their representatives, explained what stage we were at with our negotiations and even handed them a copy of the book to give to the woman who’d originally requested it.

When I got the follow-up today I was keen to see where we were with things. But what a disappointment! It was a generic e-mail (presumably a stock mailer to ALL those who’d called at the stand) asking me what products/services I was most interested in purchasing.

Marketing guru Seth Godin has a wonderful explanation for my disappointment – “these days people aren’t interested in e-mail; they’re interested in ME-mail”. He’s so right. I thought we’d made a connection through my previous dealings with this company, and was keen to build on this at the exhibition stand. But sending out a mass mailer which takes no account of the status of the enquirer is lazy marketing – and it’s all too common.

Take Seth’s message to heart and make your marketing as personal as possible. Make the target feel valued by showing you know them and understand their situation. And if you’re going to correspond electronically, make sure it’s of the ME-variety – not E (Everyone else)-mail.

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