Making your business remarkable

Seth Godin’s wonderful book The Purple Cow has one principal theme – the importance of being remarkable. Let’s face it, a cow that’s purple would certainly stand out from the crowd, and as far as the New York-based marketing guru is concerned, the best way to do that is to go the extra mile, delighting your customers by exceeding their expectations.

This theme came up yesterday in the Ambition Club conference, an event organised by Wilds Accountants in Radcliffe, Manchester (UK). We were asked to imagine a taxi service taking clients on a regular route from the airport to the financial district. We’re in a recession and there’s pressure to reduce prices, but you decide to add value instead, providing a ‘remarkable’ service that’s less price-sensitive (because it’s different and better). The question posed was, “How would you make your service more remarkable?”

Working in teams (you get some great ideas this way), some of the following suggestions came up…

  1. become a tour guide, providing information as you drive
  2. provide newspapers
  3. ask the client what type of music they’d like to listen to
  4. install a mini TV in the headrest and ask them what they’d like to watch
  5. tell great stories or jokes or give philosophical nuggets
  6. arrange special discounts or offers through third parties

Some great ideas, and all perfectly achievable. All it needs is the will and the imagination to come up with something that sets your service apart and adds value. Do you have a Purple Cow lurking in your business?

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