Moving beyond service – be an experience

I’m grateful to Mark Attwood, Cheshire based internet guru for sharing his experiences of the Cromleach Lodge Hotel in County Sligo, Ireland. Mark stayed there recently and provides details of a standard of service that moves it beyond mere service – and into the ‘experience’ realm! Owners Moira and Christy Tighe had no formal training in the hotel trade, yet they understand how to treat clients with respect and value their custom. I was also impressed that they have a video clip of Moira cooking a delicious meal, Delia-style – a wonderfully personal insight into the care and passion these two have for their trade. I’d strongly recommend you look at using video/audio in this way.

To my mind, it’s a wonderful example of what Seth Godin describes as a Purple Cow business, something beyond the norm. Moria and Christy do remarkable things – and remember, the definition of remarkable is ‘worthy of being remarked upon’. People will talk about you if you’re poor OR incredibly good – but anywhere in the middle just isn’t worthy of comment. And that’s where most businesses reside – indeed, ASPIRE to reside!

Make your product or service into an experience, and you’ll get people talking. Use interactive web-sites like Cromleach Lodge to reach out to your customers, and bind them to you like glue! It just needs a little imagination to realise what’s possible.

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