Our Services

9 ways we can help your business


1. Presentation & public speaking training: combining Speakeasy Groups™ -More
2. Presentation slide design: Beautiful, compelling presentations that tell your story.-More
3. Copywriting: Engaging content that delivers a compelling message.-More
4. Speech writing: Helping you to make an impact with your audience.-More
5. Keynote speaking: Inspiring speakers for your corporate events.-More
6. Marketing consultancy: Helping you to define your message and craft your story.-More
7. Learning & development partnership: The L&D department you can afford!-More
8. Leadership & influencing skills: Helping you to lead with mojo’- engage & inspire.-More
9. Networking skills: influencing skills for business and career development.-More

To discuss any of the above areas (in strictest confidence) set up an initial free consultation, contact:

Andrew Thorp
E: info@mojoyourbusiness.com
M: +(44)(0)161 820 4752