Pecha Kucha Manchester 1st Dec – speaker list announced

pkn-logo-for-blogPhil Harris and I are delighted to announce our list of speakers and topics for the opening night of Pecha Kucha in Manchester on Tuesday 1st December – shown here in no particular order.

Remember, Pecha Kucha involves the 20/20 principle of presenting – 20 images, each set to rotate every 20 seconds. That keeps things punchy at 6 mins and 40 secs per speaker!

  • Eilidh Milnes (“Success is built on your daily routines”)
  • Karl Southern (“Tale of the 5 monkeys”)
  • David Taylor (“My favourite authors “)
  • Sarah Harkness (“A day in the life”)
  • Ivor Tymchak (“SatNav for the soul”)
  • Bob Moss (“You have got to hand it to them”) contact details TBC
  • Nikolay Piryankov (“Marketing on a shoestring”) contact details TBC
  • Andy Clark (“My mo”)
  • Adam Wright (“10 Killer strategies – for business failure!”) contact details TBC
  • David Slack (“24:7 – Theatre heaven”)
  • Rebecca Garland (TBA – Manchester based artist)
  • Celebration (“Vocal chords”) and see also this link

Phil and I are thrilled to have such a diverse range of presentations to offer at our first PK event, and we’re tremendously grateful for the contribution our speakers are making. I’ve not provided too much information on what they’re talking about – let’s save that for the big night – but if you’d like to find out more about our presenters, follow their web links.

So far, we’ve had 170 bookings to attend the event – an extraordinary response to this most unusual of concepts – and it shows no sign of stopping. It seems a lot of you have had enough of poor Powerpoint presentations – believe me, it’s a fantastic communication tool but is much maligned because of bad practitioners. I hope we’ll provide some inspiration for you on 1st December.


We still have some places available – we have a capacity of 295 in the Contact, but we can’t guarantee a space unless you pre-book. Drop me an e-mail or post a message here.

Remember, this is a not-for-profit event – it’s all in the name of creative expression and clear communication!


  • £5 to attend, payable on the night.
  • pre-booking essential – just drop me a line.
  • arrive by 7pm, official welcome and start 7.30pm.
  • two sets of speaker sessions, with beer break in middle.
  • finish approx. 9.30pm.

Address of venue: Contact (theatre), Oxford Road, Manchester M15 6JA.

Located behind the University of Manchester Students Union. Car parking available outside theatre – I believe it’s £2 after 4pm for rest of evening.

Pecha Kucha was devised and is owned by KleinDytham Architecture.


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