Presentations – you get what you deserve

Ever experienced ‘death by Powerpoint’? Of course you have, and we heap scorn on the worst perpetrators for stealing precious hours of our time – time we’ll never get back! But perhaps the fault lies elsewhere? Let’s focus on WHO asks them to do it in the first place – and what brief they give.

“Can you do a presentation on…?” That’s how it normally starts, isn’t it? It sets in train the thought process of Powerpoint, graphs, bullet points, etc. The focus is immediately on the MEDIUM.

But imagine what would happen if the initial request was, “Can you persuade an audience to buy into the idea of XYZ?”

That sets us down a different road. The focus is now on the AUDIENCE and how we might CHANGE them in some way, how they feel or think about an issue. It starts with the objective, NOT the medium.

So maybe when we’re sat there enduring another Powerpoint data-fest, we might direct our anger at the organiser instead of the presenter!

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