Public speaking engagements, sales presentations, pitching for investment, networking introductions and interviews are all moments of truth, an opportunity to ‘tell your story’ to an audience.

In each case, you’ve got to make an impact but what if the story you tell isn’t the best one for the job? And what if you don’t put it across very well?

Launched in 2010, Speakeasy is a highly regarded and effective approach for helping business leaders and sales people develop improved presentation skills and general confidence in public speaking. We run regular Speakeasy workshops in Manchester, Stockport and other locations in North West England.

Speakeasy allows people to test-drive their proposition on a live audience, in a safe and encouraging environment. Participants benefit from feedback on the clarity of their message AND their style of delivery.

Speakeasy is part of the MojoLife approach to communication skills training, offering communications consultancy and training to organisations worldwide. If you are unable to access the events shown here, we have a number of other options for helping you develop these critical skills within your teams.

Key Outcomes for You

  • Greater impact when you communicate – get people to buy YOU as well as your message.
  • Grow in confidence as you present your ideas more effectively and convert prospects into sales.
  • Become more influential by getting into your audience’s shoes – not just when you present formally, but in EVERY situation where you’re trying to persuade people with your message (in conversation, in your web-site, formally presenting a pitch).
  • Improve your ability to give others feedback – a terrific management skill.
  • Networking at a new level.
  • Develop powerful new relationships through a common purpose and the vulnerability implied by learning things together (your shared ‘journey’).

Sessions are run by a member of the Speakeasy Team, headed by Andrew Thorp, an international business speaker, communication skills trainer and the co-founder of MojoLife.

To book your introductory place on a Speakeasy workshop, click HERE.

OR e-mail us to arrange a call-back (phone or Skype) info@mojolife.org.uk