Stop applying for jobs – start attracting followers

I had an interesting conversation with a young professional last night. I was guest speaker at a Junior Chamber of Commerce event and afterwards we got onto job hunting and CV’s. With the wonderful experience of Pecha Kucha fresh in my mind, I suggested it would be amazing to come across a CV in the form of a PK presentation – 20 slides, 20 seconds each, a story told through pictures and audio. That would stand out!

“But I’d be concerned I wouldn’t get selected because I broke the rules,” replied my young friend.

It got me thinking, would I want to work for a company whose recruitment procedures were so set in stone that they wouldn’t consider a more innovative approach? The job market reminds me of something Seth Godin talks about – reversing the funnel. Most people seeking buyers in a competitive market throw their message out there and hope someone listens. But because there are so many sellers doing the same thing, the chances of attracting interest are slim. Most of the time your pitch falls on deaf ears.

Why not reverse the funnel? Turn the funnel into a megaphone. Do some remarkable stuff that stands out and attracts some followers – because it’s different. Bring buyers to you.

Given that in some cases more than 1,000 people are chasing the same job, the chances of success with a conventional approach are minimal. My contention is that a PK-style resume would be so extraordinary, a real insight into someone’s character and their willingness to innovate, that you would attract people to YOU. The right people. The type of employers you’d want to work for.

With the odds as they are, surely it’s worth a try?

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