“We hired MojoLife to help us prepare for an important event where our lawyers were leading training workshops for an external audience, the primary purpose of which was to facilitate discussions and sharing of knowledge on various specialist areas. Andrew coached us in facilitation skills and this helped us to structure our content so it would engage, inform and entertain our audience. I was delighted with the results as we achieved a much greater degree of audience participation than on previous occasions. Andrew was easy to work with and gave us the confidence to run a successful day that was as fun and productive for us as it was for the delegates.” Amanda Howlett, , Partner, Pannone LLP

“Quite simply, Sara and MojoLife are rare jewels among Training & Learning Companies. She has a quiet, keen spirit of adventure, a curiosity for what might be and a genuine passion to make it happen. If adventure, innovation and a real value for the individual is important to you then teaming up with Sara and MojoLife will serve you well.” Helen Varey, Speaker & Trainer

“We engaged MojoLife to help us deliver a presentation that’s absolutely key to the success of our business. As a result, we’ve had some terrific feedback from our audience – they’re enjoying it more, they’re engaging with our message and more of them are signing up as our clients. I’d highly recommend MojoLife to anyone looking to put more punch into their pitch!” Shaun Murphy, Managing Director, Portal Tax Claims

“Thank you MojoLife for a great What Makes You You? session. Really useful and thought-provoking. The session demonstrated the impact that story telling can have both personally and professionally.” Jane Washington, Manchester Business School

“Listening to Andrew and working through his exercise on why you do what you do really got me focused. I remembered exactly why I run my own business and what I love about it. With Andrew’s help, Tigger is back – bouncier than ever!” Chantal Cornelius, Appletree Marketing

“People buy from people they know, like and trust. MojoLife/Speakeasy helps you get over the hurdle of how to wrap your business and personal message into a compelling story that draws people to you.” Steve Allington, MD Allington Management

“I heard Andrew present on the use of story telling for people in business and those wanting successful careers. It had me riveted and gave me food for thought about changing my LinkedIn profile for example. Andrew and his partner Sara at MojoLife ought to be listened to carefully ; they have something valuable to say”. Will Kintish, Networking Guru

Andrew delivered a fantastic, punchy 3-hour session with our Academy for Chief Execs group…. really useful! As a result, we asked him to come in and do a day with a number of our senior managers who would be presenting at our annual conference for the first time, in front of 125 people. By the end of the day, every one of them was more relaxed and confident, and had developed some superb techniques for developing their presentations.” Daniel Brown, CEO, Beaverbrooks Jewellers

“I joined a MojoLife seminar at Business North West at Manchester Central in April 2012, and I then had a follow up one to one with Andrew following this. Despite many business challenges and obstacles I feel empowered to be able to tell our story in a more compelling way. The concepts and instances of a wide range of real life case studies helped to focus my mind and messsages. Catherine Carlyle, Caltech CRM

“Andrew ran a seminar on Persuasive Communications for the alumni group at Manchester Business School which I help organise.  Feedback was unanimously positive – one of the best events we’ve ever had.  Andrew presented entertainingly and powerfully and gave great insights and practical tips into how we can all increase the impact of our communications. He’s a real role model for communications excellence and practices what he preaches.”
Ian Brodie (Owner of The Rainmaker Academy)

With the jobs market only going to get tougher in 2012, I would encourage anyone about to be tested by a job interview presentation to seriously consider the Speakeasy way to really give yourself a clear advantage and deliver a message that truly sticks in people’s memories!” Richard Phillips, Learning & Development Professional at Manchester City College

“What came across was an amazing enthusiasm to change things…a heartfelt passion that you don’t normally get.” Karl Southern, Owner Image Excellence (speaking about a MojoLife workshop).

“Andrew demonstrates an enthusiasm for progressive business ideas and has a good understanding of what is really effective in the business world. He has a presence when holding a meeting which enables him to speak effectively in front of large numbers, but at the same time he is always able to include others in any process, making him an effective leader.”
Ciaran O’Doherty (Kinnarps Office Solutions North West)

“The opportunity offered by Andrew to join the Speakeasy movement should not be underestimated and I would urge everyone, even confident people who think they are already good at presenting, to join a group to find out if they are really as good as they think they are.  They might be surprised!”
Geoff Williams (Cherry & Griffiths)

“The concept of Speakeasy is so simple, but it lends itself to so many situations and so many different people. I’d completely recommend Speakeasy to anyone in business who wants to improve their message!”
Ben Lambert (AbA Consultancy)

“Andrew managed to combine the ethics of our fundraising project with his business knowledge to run an informative and inspirational training session. His use of examples really consolidate the points raised and I am sure our teams left the day feeling even more motivated to succeed in their task of raising vital funds for The Prince’s Trust.”
Ian Smith (The Prince’s Trust, Chester)

“Insightful, as always.”
Peter Hindle (Credit Suisse, Manchester)

“There must have been 60 or 70 people and Andrew just captivated us for a full hour.”
Ann Jordan (Chair, Institute of Directors North West)