The myth of the USP

We’re all told we need a Unique Selling Point, but it’s normally the case that what we claim as ‘unique’ is anything but.

  • We value clients as our friends.
  • We’re No.1 for customer service.
  • We believe in investing in our people.
  • We’re committed to raising standards in …

You might claim that, but then again so do loads of other people.  It’s not ‘U’ at all; it’s more of a CSP (where C = common)!

It’s increasingly an issue for professional services firms and this article in today’s Telegraph highlights the problems accountancy firms have with marketing themselves.  When the squeeze is on clients become more price-conscious but if they see you as indispensable and distinct from your rivals, you have a better chance of retaining them.

My belief is that you DO have something meaningful in your company that’s truly unique.  You have your people, their relationships and their stories.  Build your brand around these things.

They can’t be copied.

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