The problem with surveys

I had a call today from my bank. Like most organisations, they employ call centre operatives and they contacted me to provide feedback on a call I’d had with them at 3.17pm (scary!) the previous day. They wanted to monitor the quality of how these conversations were handled, and as that’s the line of business I’m in I was happy to co-operate.

That’s when it rather fell apart. It went to an automated system where, through keypad technology, I was able to rate the service all the way from 1 (awful) and 7 (amazing). I felt frustrated. I was happy to give some feedback, but you know what?…I wanted to SPEAK TO SOMEONE – so I hung up.

It’s such a shame that companies use this type of feedback system. I suspect they’re going for 50,000 completed surveys to give them the picture. But maybe 500 quality conversations with people who take some effort to engage with the interviewer would produce a truer picture? It’s always a problem with mass surveys that people give you the answers that will get rid of you, what they think you want to hear. But you want REAL feedback, going deeper than such a thin-slicing approach.

I found it ironic that when the subject was the quality of human interaction, no human was available to speak to!

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