How well connected are you?

If you rely on referral and networking to generate business, you should try this test. I’ve called it ‘the connectedness test’. It’s taken from the highly popular book by Malcolm Gladwell, The Tipping Point. Essentially, it’s designed to test what sort of social animal you are. If, for example, you keep a small circle of friends and associates and rarely make an effort to engage in conversation with strangers, you’ll score fairly low. However, if you’re quite gregarious and willing to strike up conversations with complete strangers (whether at networking events or in Tesco’s) you’ll score high.

It’s relevant because your ability to build up an effective network is CRITICAL to your success in business, especially so during recessionary times when it’s tough to ‘buy’ that business in. Gladwell talks about the importance of what he terms ‘weak ties’, in other words people you know but not well (perhaps someone you bump into from time to time). If they know what you do, and you’re always pleasant to them, they might just be of some help to you from time to time.


  • Download the list of names by following the link below.
  • These names are taken at random from the South Manchester telephone directory.
  • Give yourself a point for each surname you ‘know’.
  • In other words, if you know 6 Smiths, that’s 6 points.
  • The definition of ‘know’ is that if you passed them in the street, you’d at least know each other by name.
  • DON’T CHEAT! Resist the temptation to go through your old diaries and count a person who was in your class at school. If you don’t have a relationship of some kind with them NOW, ignore those. You want an accurate rating.

Once you’ve completed the test, drop me a line and we’ll interpret the results together!


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