What can a round of golf reveal about us?

I had the pleasure of meeting Ant Etherton last week. More than that, I spent most of the day with him, and a fascinating experience it was. We share similar experiences and interests – acting, journalism, golf, cooking (well, not the cooking) – but Ant has devised a innovative leadership training tool, using a round of golf as the medium.

In truth, it’s not really about golf at all, but the game tells us so much about ourselves. Of course, Ant’s skill is his ability to draw insights and lessons from the experience – things like how we allocate tasks, make decisions, give instructions, the way different personality types interact, use of language (both verbal and non-verbal), creative thinking and problem-solving.

We spend proportionately very little time swinging at the ball during the 4 hours a round of golf takes, so it lends itself to conversation and relationship-building. But I liked the way Ant devised a specific task for our four-ball, adding a new dimension to the experience and revealing much about our leadership styles.

If you’re looking to develop the leadership potential of your team, you should speak to this man. Take a look at his FORE web-site. Fascinating stuff!

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