What do you make? Money or a difference?

I love this clip of Taylor Mali (thanks Seth Godin!). He’s a native of New York City and classes himself as a poet, teacher and voice over artist. I’m working a lot on the theme of personal branding right now, and I’ve listed a few points that resonated with me, having watched this video:

  • He’s making teaching fun, engaging and passionate.
  • He’s taking the focus away from the curriculum and assessment, and more towards HOW things are delivered in the classroom.
  • His message is about making a difference, rather than making money.
  • He’s found a niche and has sought to dominate it.
  • He’s using social media and appearing on stage as a way of promoting his message – and his brand.
  • You know what he stands for.
  • He’s on a mission – and it drives him.
  • When the message is simple and delivered in an innovative and entertaining manner – it hits home!

Some lessons for us all I think.

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