What we can learn from Tom Watson

What a wonderful spectacle it was to see 59 year-old Tom Watson come within a whisker of winning the biggest golf championship of them all – The Open. Despite pre-tournament odds of over 1000-1, the American legend so nearly added a sixth Open to his current tally, an achievement that would have gone down as one of the most extraordinary in the history of ANY sport. The man with the artificial hip showed just what is possible if you exhibit skill and nerve and use your experience. Sadly the fairytale didn’t quite have the happy ending we’d wished for, with Stewart Cink spoiling the party with a late charge (has there ever been a less wanted champion?).

What can we learn from Watson’s remarkable effort? Well how about these…

  • There’s no substitute for class.
  • Keep faith in your own abilities.
  • Ignore those who say you can’t do something – they don’t erect statues in honour of critics.
  • Keep things in perspective – defeat hurts but you can choose how you respond. Learn from it and move on.

So “Well Done Tom”.

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