Where are you on the ladder of influence?

I’ve written a lot recently on how to use your story to differentiate yourself from your rivals and make it easy for them to choose you. It’s a crowded marketplace after all. A strong story helps you get noticed and leaves people intrigued.

But you want more than that. You want to become important to people – indispensable in fact! Along the way you move along a continuum:

  • People know you exist (networking by ‘being there’).
  • People see you as worth knowing (they begin to recognise your value).
  • People can’t do without you (you’re part of them – a WE relationship).

In the video below I’ve suggested a pathway towards becoming more influential and attracting a tribal following. It all starts with your story – you understanding what it is FIRST, then helping others ‘get it’ too.

Let me know where you are on the ladder of influence…and where you’d like to be.

Click here to view the clip (this is the second of 2 and suggests six levels of influence – the first clip sets the scene and can be viewed here).

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